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January 18, 2003
2 more days to my birthday, nothing to be excited about really..just my 20th birthday..not like Im already a couple years behind compared to most of my "peers"..who are usually 2-3 years older than I.

Jan 20, 2003

Happy Birthday to mes!

Yeah..Yeah..I know, I dont look too happy about it either. Just another birthday I suppose, no birthday special suprises..blah guess its something some people outgrow after high school, mom's at work..crystal has the day off's got my car for the day... "be back at 1 pm" he tells me at 9... Oy... I think Im gunna sit around today and just update my web page as chakram web page and maybe I'll put in a song page as well, or even update my misty page...she hadnt changed much at all..really..maybe in personality..but not in size.

January 21, 2003's my court date...Im going in for a motion hearing because of glow's..(or to some of you, hope's) less than 3 hours..iM not looking forward to it at the way..I updated my Song page.... Welcome to Who You Used To Be   Granted..its not finished..but updated..I still need to do season 6...60 songs in all.

Feb 5 2003
Eeeeeeep! Been a while since I've updated..havent felt up to it..but I've updated my music page with 7 more songs ..not from Xena..well yeah one of of them.. lol..thinking about making a "about me" page..but it would be the shortest page ever :-D .. we'd have to see. .I went to, a gay online store..they have amazing things even drag queen barbie dolls..hehe which I thought was funny..I ordered a xena t-shirt from there..and oh yeah..I got my hercules: Xena Trilogy DVDS the other day :) cant wait to watch them (time alotted) are some awesome pictures, bumper stickers and stuff I copied off the gay online store..give ya an idea what there is there.

(a shirt)

(mini bumper sticker)

(bumper sticker)