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Creating Katherine Levine
Katherine Natasha Levine Avides

Creating Katherine was no easy task. It all started when I became slightly obsessed with this comic book series, Gunsmith Cats. There was this little runt named Minnie May, a explosives specalist, and a gun specialist named Rally. They reminded me of the modern day Xena and Gabrielle. But none the less, I had collected all of the comics and read everything.  Heck I even read some fan fiction from the internet.

 But here's whats next. I've been Role playing Xena for 7 years..probably 8. And wanted to try something completely different. So I did. I went for the opposite. So... Xena-Brunette..I made a blonde. Xena-tall... I made a shortie...i mean 4'7. Xena- amazon/broad...made the new character a bit of a prep. Now it all came down to the name and looks. Well, I first thought of Katherine because my girlfriend's name is Catherine...this was just with a K, so it was all cool :) Levine...I got from a little world altering from "Devine".

So when it came down to getting a character picture and everything.. I picked Minnie may from Gunsmith cats, now ..Minny may is an explosive specalist, so I made Katherine a lot like her, even her looks were the same, short..everything. Perfect.  Now most of my old characters have been shapeshifters, wolves mostly. So going opposite once more, I picked a feline shapeshifter. And the picture above clearly matched this new character.

I first played Katherine in a role playing place called Xenaverse. She was a tough girl, strictly amazon, knew many  languages but was a brat above all else. When Xena took her in to train her, she had a difficult time doing so, not many of the Xenaverse members approved of her. She had joined both guilds in Greece, The Centre and an Amazon guild, she had been active in the centre since she had been hired, exploding things into the air, helping Rebecca with army deeds. Rebecca was her partner.

Of course, until Rebecca was kidnapped by a High mage and sold to Rome. And was crucified, so Katherine took in Rebecca's daughter...Jessica. Who was only at least 5 years old when this event took place.  Soon after, slavers tried to take over the Amazon community and many of the amazons died out. Xena sent Katherine to Rhydin so she could continue her life.

Upon getting to Rhydin, the first thing she did was seek for crowds, and people..mainly in bars and taverns. She came across this recruiting hall called TSotB Recruit, and quickly made new friends, including Ryu, Kahlin, Venegon and a few others. She didnt have any female friends but she was quite content. Quickly, she fell in love with a Paladin named Kahlin. Now, Katherine was 14 years old, 4'7, weighed less than 100 pounds, in love with a man that was 4 times older, rugged..and handsome. What were the chances that she'd catch his gaze, pratcally nothing. Sure they became friends, good friends, but no more. Conviced that she'd never win his love, she headed back to Xenaverse and joined Cassandra in a mission to Rome to advenge Rebecca's death..and Jessica's death as well.

to be continued