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 out leaving those little girls alone..unless you want to pick afight with a few bigger girls ?
 Xena WP [7:27 PM]:  :[:Xena's eyes snapped open..those brows quickly furrowed...she looked over to where the bard was talking to::..Ah..bullies..:: she yawned and covered her lips with the back of her hand::
 Frekle5 [7:29 PM]:  ::The bards eyebrow raised ..she inwardly breathed a sigh of relief that the warrior was awake as she got it xena..
 Xena WP [7:29 PM]:  Take the guys..Gabrielle..I'll handle the girls....
 Xena WP [7:30 PM]:  ::The bullies looked over to the bard and laughed...shouting their usual threats...especially with the "little girl" threats::
 Xena WP [7:30 PM]:  ::the warrior yawned again::  
 Frekle5 [7:33 PM]:  ::the bard chuckled..scratched her nose...then climbed down off Argo..bringing her staff with her as she dropped to the ground..::my pleasure Xena..::she looked around the guys..4 of them..she could handle them..she grinned wickedly..:: bring it on guys..
 Xena WP [7:35 PM]:  ::soon the warrior sang out::..Come little children.. I'll take thee away..into the land..of enchantment....Come little children...time's come to in my garden..of magic...::the little girls stopped and looked the warrior repeated the if they suddenly bilt up so much courage..they pushed the guys towards the bard and started the fight themselves..the bullies yelled as one stumbled to face the bard::
 Frekle5 [7:36 PM]:  ::The bard reacted quickly..bringing her staff upwards to slam under the jaw of the bully that had stumbled toward her..knocking im backwards and off his feet..she caught one to her right with a roundhouse and jumped to avoid the sword of another aimed at her feet..::
 Xena WP [7:38 PM]:  ::a little girl jumped into the air and snapped a spin kick at a man that was getting up..more men rushed forward from the forest..playing defense against the little girls and a woman::  
 Frekle5 [7:40 PM]:  ::the bard spied a huy approach out of the corner of her eye and slammed her staff backwards into his ribs..then twirled it in her hand and brought it round once more..sending another spinning backward head over heels..she snapped her head back as a fist whistled past her jaw..had time to raise an eyebrow at the little girl spin kicking one of the bullies..before crashing her staff into another mans ribs..::
 Xena WP [7:44 PM]:  ::and all this time..xena remained on the saddle..still yawning..she managed to keep her eyes open to watch the children attack the bullies mercilessly..and the bard as the guys fell to the ground..none of them were left standing..the girls cheered loudly::
 Frekle5 [7:46 PM]:  ::The bard circled slowly..finally lowering her staff as she realised all the bullies were down..a few strands of damp blonde hair stuck to her brow as she broke into a grin and chuckled at the little girls..then looked over to the warrior..:: what about these kids Xena ??..did you see that ?
 Xena WP [7:48 PM]:  :[:Xena shrugged::..see..what?..::she kept her hand to her mouth..and the girls slowly calmed down...going over to the bard::
 Frekle5 [7:51 PM]:  ::the bard blinked softly at the warrior...shook her head in bewilderment, then turned to the kids..:: ok you better take off home before these thugs wake up..we'll deal with them ...
 Xena WP [7:52 PM]:  We're girls...::a blonde child spoke..loudly::
 Frekle5 [7:52 PM]:  ::gab smirked softly..:: you dont fight well girls..where'd you learn to spin kick like that ?
 Xena WP [7:52 PM]:  ::a brunette girl tugged the blonde away::..c'mon Ren..
 Xena WP [7:53 PM]:  :[:Xena lifted her hand in the air::..ooh..I know..I know...!
 Frekle5 [7:53 PM]:  ::she looked round at the warrior..:: you do ?
 Xena WP [7:54 PM]:  yeah...I did it..::she cackled..the girls seemed to pull away from where the thugs were..and ran for their village::
 Xena WP [7:54 PM]:   spin kicks are my speciality..::the warrior mused::
 Frekle5 [7:56 PM]:  ::the bard grinned as she strolled back over to Argo..squinting up at the warrior..::uh-huh..those spin kicks had your name written all over them..::she toe poked one of the thugs on the ground..::what're we gonna do with these bully boys xena ?
 Xena WP [7:58 PM]:  Ah..tie them up..::she reached up and grabbed a thick vine..with a sharp tug..the vine fell onto the ground...20 feet worth of vine at least...most of it fell on the warrior..the warrior unraveled the vine from her and handd it to the  get the honors
 Frekle5 [8:00 PM]:  ::The bard took the wine..raising an knots arent as good as yours..I woudnt want them to get free too soon..
 Xena WP [8:02 PM]:  I trust you..::and it was word enough for the warrior::
 Xena WP [8:05 PM]:  ::other than that..she wasnt going to move from the horse...oddly enough..she didnt have any energy to::
 Frekle5 [8:05 PM]:  ::she shrugged then and moved over to the neearest thugh..rolling him to his stomach and placing her knee in his back, she drew both arms behind him and lashed his wrists tight with the vine..before running the long length over to the next guy and repeating ...lashing them all together and then wrapping the end around a large thick tree trunk and tying it off securely..::
 Xena WP [8:07 PM]:  ::The warrior clapped loudly::.. bravo....
 Xena WP [8:07 PM]:  ::okay..not loudly...but the usual warrior kinda clap..::
 Frekle5 [8:11 PM]:  ::The bard straightening up..hands on hips..drew in a deep breath..looked up at the warrior..::maybe we ought to find out who they are..and what they wanted with those kids ?
 Xena WP [8:11 PM]:  Why?..::she shrugged::..they could be just our typical everyday bullies..::a man groaned quietly..xena arched a brow as the guys head bobbed forward::..hey...
 Xena WP [8:12 PM]:  thats OUR army.....
 Xena WP [8:13 PM]:  we just beat up our army.....
 Frekle5 [8:15 PM]:  ::the bard wasnt convinced..and she went to kneel by the guy..looking for any indications that he was in fact part of our own army..she found Xena's crest on his inner vest and stood in disgust..::well..who has our army bullying little girls ?..jeez xena..thats disgusting
 Xena WP [8:16 PM]:  ..Gabrielle..those are the good guys..::she looked into the direction where the girls went::.. Im...::she grumbled and hopped off the mare..stumblin a bit..she ran after the girls::  
 Xena WP [8:16 PM]:  ::one of the men woke up..and blinked...his head throbbing:: Queen've come to save us!
 Frekle5 [8:18 PM]:  ::she knelt down beside he could see her as she pushed him slightly onto his side..gently..:: I think you better start talking..what exactly am I supposed to be saving you from ?..and thats a strange thing to say..coming from a guy who just got his ass kicked..!
 Xena WP [8:21 PM]:  well..::he blinked as she shoved him::
 Xena WP [8:23 PM]:  :[:xena returned not to soon after::..the girls disappeared..gabrielle..
 Frekle5 [8:23 PM]:  ::she loosened the ropes around his wrists..he was part of their army after all..she owed him a hearing at talk
 Xena WP [8:25 PM]:  ::he sighed softly and looked at the warrior:: Xena!
 Frekle5 [8:29 PM]:  ::the bard looked over to the warrior..:: I dont understand xena..if these are the good guys..why were they going after little girls ?
 Xena WP [8:30 PM]:  ::She rubbed her hair..then yawned::..Gods..Gabrielle..I dont know either
 Frekle5 [8:30 PM]:  xena..are ou ok ? seem real sleepy
 Xena WP [8:30 PM]:  Lets see...::she sighed and pausd..putting a hand on her hip::  
 Xena WP [8:31 PM]:  Unless they work for Aleph..I have no idea what theyre up to.
 Frekle5 [8:31 PM]:  ::the bard leaned back on her heels..her hand resting on the guys tied wrists..she leaned forward again..looking at him..:: well ??
 Xena WP [8:32 PM]:  ::he nodded:: we do work for aleph..and he's trying to get revenge at this he ordered us to take the children of this ransom.
 Xena WP [8:33 PM]:  :[:Xena blinked and her eyes closed heavily::
 Frekle5 [8:35 PM]:  ::the bard swallowed..asked grimly..:: oh really ??..well your orders have leave those little girls alone..under no circumstances do you EVER take children..and under no-ones orders..not even alephs..and certainly not because he has some dumb personal vendetta against their mother..!!
 Xena WP [8:36 PM]:  :[:xena's eyes flew open and she spun..snapping a kick to the bard's head..knocking her over..lightly...for that simple remark..she hissed and pointed down at the bard::..THATS NOT TRUE!
 Xena WP [8:37 PM]:  Let Aleph run his own bloody're NOT the Queen of everything!
 Frekle5 [8:38 PM]:  ::the bard sprung to her feet..facing the warrior..the kick hadnt hurt..just caught her off balance..:: and YOU'RE blind to anything your precious son does heard them yourself..!!..and dammit..I wont let him order innocent children taken hostage on his behalf !!
 Xena WP [8:38 PM]:  then you face Aleph YOURSELF!
 Frekle5 [8:39 PM]:  I will if I have to, Xena..if this is the kind of thing he's doing..then I will
 Xena WP [8:39 PM]:  Fine!
 Xena WP [8:39 PM]:  ::the men had woken up and theyre looking around bewildered..especially at the yelling::
 Xena WP [8:40 PM]:  :[:xena turned..grabbed the reins and started heading off to where the kids went...with the mare ambling behind her::
 Xena WP [8:40 PM]:  ::the warrior muttered about how bossy the bard was as she walked::
 Frekle5 [8:41 PM]:  ::the bard dropped to her knees and released each man in turn..throwing the vine to the side..she grabbed the first mans collar and all but hauled him up to growl in his ear..:: remember what I said..and if Aleph has a problem with it..I'll deal with him..but you leave little kids alone..ya got me ?
 Xena WP [8:43 PM]:  ::he snorted::..we obey aleph's command alone..not a woman's.
 Frekle5 [8:43 PM]:  ::she stood then..pulling the guy up with her..::take me to him..
 Xena WP [8:44 PM]:  ::he shrugged:: I cannot do that.
 Frekle5 [8:47 PM]:  ::the bard let go of him disgust..:: well tell my son from keep little girls out of his personal arguments..and maybe he will keep his army from getting their bitts kicked..::she snorted a a woman
 Xena WP [8:47 PM]:  personal arguements?..::the man roared into laughter::
 Frekle5 [8:48 PM]:  ::the bard just flapped a hand at them..bent down to pick up her staff..she rubbed her head where the warrior had kicked out at her..then stood again..turning away from the men and setting off after xena..::
 Xena WP [8:50 PM]:  :[:Xena had entered a village..full of little kids..her eyes scannd around..despite the fact her eyes were heavy and she was dozing off..she kept the horse behind her just in  case she would fall asleep::
 Xena WP [8:51 PM]:  ::she crinkled up her nose as she spotted one of the girls..and she silently followed her..::
 Frekle5 [8:51 PM]:  ::gabrielle jogged to catch up with the warrior..spotting Argo in the distance, she headed up to her..walking along side the warrior..::
 Xena WP [8:52 PM]:  ::The girl entered a tent..xena let go from the mare and snuck up to it..her ears alert..listening::...
 Frekle5 [8:53 PM]:  ::The bard went over to Argo..taking he reins, and stroking the horses side gently as xena listened at the tent flap..::
 Xena WP [8:54 PM]:  ::and out of the tent a kid...xena sneered and grabbed the kid by the hair..and disappeared around the corner of a building::
 Frekle5 [8:56 PM]:  ::gabrielle blinked as she grabbed the kid by the hair...she dropped Argo's reins and jogged to the side of the building..pressing her back to the wall and listening to what was being said around the corner..::
 Xena WP [8:56 PM]:  ::and the bard heard nothing..absolutely nothing...the warrior shoved the kid back into the direction she was going..and she stood there at the corner::..
 Frekle5 [8:57 PM]:  ::The bard crept a little closer..straining to hear..hearing nothing..::
 Xena WP [8:58 PM]:  ::and soon the warrior came face to face with the bard.. her upper lip curled:: find something intresting?  
 Frekle5 [9:00 PM]:  ::the bard flinched a little..looking up at the warrior..she gasped softly..then blinked..::well...that kinda depends xena..why did you grab that kid by the hair ?..
 Xena WP [9:01 PM]:  why not?..::she turned from the bard and walked away from her..heading back to the mare::
 Frekle5 [9:02 PM]:  ::the bard followed frustration, she reached out and grabbed the warriors elbow..swinging her round a little more roughly than she had intended..:: xena..if somethings going on with these kids I wish you'd tell me..!!
 Xena WP [9:03 PM]:  ::as the warrior had arm lashed out and she smacked the bard against the cheek...not on purpose..she blinked:: I dont know yet! ::her teeth gritted:: but Im about to find out!
 Xena WP [9:04 PM]:  ::at the mare..stood full battle and gold..with xena's crest on his chest that he intends to keep well in the family..xena looked over to the boy:: Aleph.
 Frekle5 [9:06 PM]:  ::the bards head whipped to the side as xena's arm smacked across her cheek..she inhaled a soft gasp..turned her head back to look at the warrior..stunned..her fingers drifting to touch her reddened cheek..then glancing over to aleph..blinking softly..her hand lowered to rest by her side..::
 Xena WP [9:11 PM]:  ::aleph grinned softly:: always know where to find me..:[:xena slid over to the boy:: okay..whats the story..lay it on me..boy.
 Frekle5 [9:12 PM]:  ::the bard merely stood and listened..::
 Xena WP [9:13 PM]:  ::aleph spotted the bard and smiled softly..looked to Xena:: You remember Isabella...mother?...the one that destroyed our nation back at th Sahara desert..well...its pay back time.
 Xena WP [9:14 PM]:  if it wasnt for Isabella destroying our fortress..we'd never have to go back to the castle.
 Frekle5 [9:14 PM]:  ::gabrielle slowly moved over..she returned alephs smile softly..still staying quiet while she heard the story..::
 Xena WP [9:15 PM]:  :[:Xena furrowed a brow and waited for him to continue..aleph spoke::..well..she has 12 children..half of them have magic powers...and they are most useful to if I took them from her..she'd be powerless...
 Xena WP [9:15 PM]:  :[:xena nodded:: sounds fair enough..need help rounding up the girls?..::aleph chuckled:: I sent my men to do that..but apparently..some loud mouthed irriating idiot decided to butt in and be everyones mother.
 Xena WP [9:16 PM]:  :[:xena clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth:: Never send a man to do a woman's work..I'll deal with it..Aleph...6 of say?...
 Frekle5 [9:17 PM]:  they're children, Aleph..what did you plan to do with them ?...
 Xena WP [9:18 PM]:  ::aleph shrugged:; simply hold them hostage
 Xena WP [9:19 PM]:    ::the warrior turned to look at the bard..a brow arched:: stay outta it..gabrielle.
 Frekle5 [9:20 PM]:  ::she snorted softly..:: count on think I want to be involved in the " rounding up " of little kids ? matter what their mother did..
 Xena WP [9:23 PM]:  ::she shrugged and looked away..aleph rose his brow:: I can do it dont u and...gabrielle head off and continue your nice little vacation..I know what Im doing..:[:xena blinked:: alright..::she grabbed the reins::..c'mon gabrielle...::she set off out of the village..aleph bowed to his mother..and gabrielle::
 Frekle5 [9:30 PM]:  ::the bard watched her go..hesitating..then turned back to aleph..her heart flipped over in her chest as she looked at him, she whispered'll do what you think is right..and most probably you have good reason..just think on one thing..your own mother once did terrible..evil things..and you and your sister could have been the children being held hostage..they are just children..
 Xena WP [9:32 PM]:  ::he furrowed a brow..not understanding a word she was saying:: I know, mother.
 Frekle5 [9:33 PM]:  ::she sighed softly..rubbed her nose..:: dont, aleph..or you wouldnt be using children as pawns..::she turned and started to head away..::
 Xena WP [9:34 PM]:  Whatever.
 Xena WP [9:34 PM]:  :[:Xena was walking in her usual long strides..however..her eyes were closed and argo was leading the way::
 Frekle5 [9:35 PM]:  ::gabrielle set off after the warrior..she didnt run to catch up..just strolled..::
 Xena WP [9:35 PM]:  ::and she slowed down a bit as she slipped deeper into slumber..pretty soon she was standing..asleep::
 Frekle5 [9:37 PM]:  ::the bard saw her head bob a little..her eyebrows furrowed as she jogged up to the warrior..swatted her arm..::XENA..!!!..
 Xena WP [9:37 PM]:  ::the warrior's eyes widen and she stumbled forward...her fingers gripping on the reins so argo helped her stand still..she shot a glance to gabrielle:: WHAT!?  
 Frekle5 [9:40 PM]:  ::::she gripped her arm to help steady her..her soft sea green eyes clouded with concern..:: you're sleeping !!...again..maybe we should find a tavern where you can get some rest
 Xena WP [9:41 PM]:  naw..Im okay..::she grinned sheepishly::
 Frekle5 [9:42 PM]:  you sure ?
 Xena WP [9:42 PM]:  ::she sniffled and looked around..before looking back at her:: sure..why wou--::she rose a hand to cup her mouth..yawning::..ldnt I be?
 Frekle5 [9:44 PM]:  ::The bard took her elbow and steered her back round toward the village..::I dont have a clue xena..but we're finding that tavern..and you're gonna get some sleep
 Xena WP [9:45 PM]:  ::She yanked her elbow from the bard::....Gabrielle..stoppit..::she muttered::
 Xena WP [9:45 PM]:  Im fine
 Frekle5 [9:47 PM]:  ::gabrielle pulled her hands back..holding them up as if in surrender..she backed off a little..:: ok..ok..have it your own way..::under her breath..::you usually do
 Xena WP [9:47 PM]:  because its usually right..::she turned and headed away from the village::
 Frekle5 [9:48 PM]:  ::she sighed..::whatever xena..::and trotted after her ::
 Xena WP [9:48 PM]:  whatever..::she repeated after her::
 Xena WP [9:48 PM]:  if you werent so damn bossy...::she muttered the rest to herself::
 Xena WP [9:49 PM]:  Fine..::she turned to face want to rest at a tavern..lets go then.
 Frekle5 [9:49 PM]:  I am NOT're stubborn..!! :: the bard faced her..::
 Xena WP [9:50 PM]:  okay..okay....
 Frekle5 [9:50 PM]:  ::gab rubbed her brow then..sighed softly..letting her hand drop..::  
 Xena WP [9:52 PM]:  do whatever you want to do....
 Xena WP [9:52 PM]:  ::she closed her eyes once more::
 Frekle5 [9:53 PM]:  ::her voice was a little softer..::xena..I'm worried about you is all..isnt that allowed ?
 Xena WP [9:53 PM]:  MmHmm..::she yawned softly::
 Xena WP [9:54 PM]:  ::she rested her head on the mare's head..leaning to the side::
 Frekle5 [9:55 PM]:  ::she moved up to her ..facing the warrior and gently slid both arms around her waist..pulling her in gently, she kissed the warriors warm neck softly.::
 Xena WP [9:55 PM]:  ::she crinkled up her nose and opened her eyes::..what are you doing?
 Frekle5 [9:56 PM]:  ::she released the warrior..took a step back..sighed softly..::just giving you a hug xena..nothing dont need to worry
 Xena WP [9:57 PM]:  oh..::she  closed her eyes again::
 Frekle5 [9:57 PM]:  I'm gonna go see about a tavern're sleeping on your feet..
 Xena WP [9:57 PM]:  no?..::she yawned:: I thought I was sleeping on my boots
 Xena WP [9:58 PM]:  ::a grin tugged at her lips then...even she had a slight sense of humor:
 Frekle5 [9:58 PM]:  ::the bard smirked..::smart ass..::turned away to head back into the village ::
 Xena WP [9:58 PM]:  Hmm..Gabrielle..why cant we set camp?
 Xena WP [9:59 PM]:  we dont always need a tavern...
 Frekle5 [9:59 PM]:  ::she stopped and turned back..::ok..we can..sounds like a great idea..
 Xena WP [10:00 PM]:  we left the life of luxery and comfort for life in the wild...geesh...I m not sleeping at a tavern.
 Xena WP [10:00 PM]:  ruins the whole damn purpose..::her eyes fluttered open she wove her hand..and she stumbled a bit::

 Xena WP [6:38 PM]:  sorry luv
 Frekle5 [6:38 PM]:  ::huggles:::its ok darlin...:)
 Xena WP [7:28 PM]:  oye..finally got my pc  back lol
 Frekle5 [7:28 PM]:  yayyyy...:)
 Xena WP [7:29 PM]:  :) how are u babe?
 Frekle5 [7:29 PM]:  doing good darlin...::huggles::
 Xena WP [7:30 PM]:  ::huggles::  
 Xena WP [7:30 PM]:
 Frekle5 [7:31 PM]:  hmm..yuppers..:)
 Xena WP [7:32 PM]:  Hmm..Gabrielle..why cant we set camp? we dont always need a tavern...we left the life of luxery and comfort for life in the wild...geesh...I m not sleeping at a tavern..ruins the whole damn purpose..::her eyes fluttered open she wove her hand..and she stumbled a bit::  
 Frekle5 [7:34 PM]:  ::the bard sighed softly..glancing at the warrior in concern..she nodded ..touched xena's arm lightly almost to steady her..::ok xena..lets set a fire and sleep under the stars tonight
 Xena WP [7:36 PM]:  okay..::she opened her eyes long enough to yank her bedroll from the mare..she moved to a hidden..but cleared area..and rolled the bedroll out..plopping down hard on it..she didnt even look for her usual large rock...or log to lean on..not this time...she laid back and yawned::
 Frekle5 [7:38 PM]:  ::the bard pulled a warm fur blanket from the saddlebag and moved over to lay it down over the sleepy warrior...tucking it in carefully around her and pulling it up to her chin..she bent forward and kissed her cheek tenderly..whispered..::get some sleep, I'll find some twigs for a fire...
 Xena WP [7:39 PM]:  Mm..::she kept her eyes open and watched the bard move..rolling onto her side...she kept her gaze  on the petite blonde::
 Frekle5 [7:42 PM]:  ::Gabrielle moved darkness began to fall, the moon shone bright..highlighting the bards hair with shimmering silver as she busied herself pulling down the saddlebags and taking out the other bedroll..she unfurled it alongside xena's and set then knelt down a few feet away to start to dig out a firepit with her hands..the muscles in her back accentuated by the moonlight as she raked out the soft earth to make a bowl shaped pit..::
 Xena WP [7:46 PM]:  ;:her eyes eventually fluttered if not willingly..they did..her lips pouted and dark hair fell over her strong jawline..her blanket fell from her slide down her chest...her armor and weapons still on..especially her chakram..but that was at the other side of her waist..she hadnt aten all day..and gabrielle sure hasnt either..somewhere in the warrior's mind..she knew she had to wake up and hunt for food for the both of them...but for some reason....she couldnt::
 Frekle5 [7:49 PM]:  ::gab kept glancing at the warrior..she knew xena hated her to fuss..but still..a tiny voice of worry nagged at the back of her mind and try as she might, she couldnt get it to shut up..having finished digging out the pit, the bard rose to her feet..stifling a yawn of her own and rubbing her rumbling tummy, she headed over to the saddle bag to rummage through for any supplies they brought with them..finding nothing but a hunk of nutbread and a wedge of cheese wrapped in brown paper..she set it back...
 Frekle5 [7:50 PM]:  knowing it might have to last a while..turned to watch the warrior sleep..she bent to pull the blanket back up to cover her once more..then set off into the dark woods in search of firewood..owls hooted overhead but the forest itself was eerily quiet as she made her way through ...shadows dancing as the moonlight filtered through the trees...::
 Xena WP [7:51 PM]:  ::the warrior's eyes fluttered open and she groaned as she saw that the bard wasnt there..a hand planted on the ground and she pulled herself upright..with some struggle...and she sat upwards...reaching for he chakram..she waited..and listened..:: Gabrielle../
 Xena WP [7:52 PM]:  ::another yawn came from her lips and she leaned foward to stoke the fire...blinking a few times..she tried to was all blurry..too blurry..she spoke louder:: Gabrielle?
 Frekle5 [7:54 PM]:  ::The bard stopped and tilted her head to listen..she thought she heard the warrior call to her..but wasnt sure..she carried on a little further..collecting dry twigs in her skirt till she had a bundle before turning and heading back..she listened again..this time she was sure she heard xena's voice and started to jog back to camp..pushing the tree branches back, she whispered..::right here xena...I got some firewood..
 Xena WP [7:55 PM]:  Oh..::she inhaled softly and leaned forward on all fours..chakram in her hand..she pulled herself to a stand:: I' do you feel like eating?..::she gripped her chakram hard:: Rabbit...a baby
 Frekle5 [7:57 PM]:  ::gabrielle dropped the twigs into the firepit and rubbed her hands on her skirt..she jogged over to the warrior..slipping an arm around her waist, her free hand slipped down to close lightly over the warriors as she gripped the chakram..she whispered softly..::xena..we have a little bread and dont need to go hunting just yet..sleep, huh ?...I dont think you're well and I'm worried about you
 Xena WP [7:59 PM]:  Ah..Gabrielle...Let me catch something...gut it...then cook it..then I can get some rest..I cant go to sleep thinking know.
 Frekle5 [8:00 PM]:  ::she sighed softly..::I know..ok..but call me if you need me..I'll start the fire
 Xena WP [8:00 PM]:  Actually..Im in the mood for snake...
 Xena WP [8:00 PM]:  what do you think..snake soup?
 Frekle5 [8:01 PM]:  ::she crinkled her nose a little..then grinned..:: well I guess I prefer snake in the pan than snake in my bedroll..
 Xena WP [8:03 PM]:  ::she blinked::..nevermind snake then..I'll turned and headed into the forest::
 Frekle5 [8:04 PM]:  ::gab watched her..a little bewildered..then blinked softly and shook her head..on her knees as she concentrated on piling the twigs into the pit, she took up the flint and struck it together..needing a few tries before the spark finally lit the twigs and a swirl of smoke began to rise..::
 Xena WP [8:10 PM]:  :[:xena soon returned with a couple fish, a rabbit, anda baby deer....dont forget the was a large snake at that...she couldnt decide which to pick so she killed them all....she set them down on some fresh grass and looked them over:: if we cook all of these tonight.we can keep them for lunch and supper tomorrow..
 Frekle5 [8:12 PM]:  ::the bard blinked as she looked up..seeing that xena had been real busy..she fanned the flames of the fire until it crackled and burned fiercely..casting a warm flickering glow around the small clearing..she stood..::hmm..a feast, for sure..I'll cook them all tonight..but which do you want for supper ?..we have a choice..::she chuckled ..::
 Xena WP [8:13 PM]:  well..we have to cook the fish and snake first..otherwise it'd get dirty and we'd get sick in the morning..
 Xena WP [8:14 PM]:  the deer requires overnight to cook...rabbit takes uh...::She wove her hand in the air:: a while to hungry are you?..::She blinked;:
 Xena WP [8:14 PM]:  ( ROFL )
 Frekle5 [8:14 PM]: and snake it is..weird combination..::she snickered as she tugged a pan from the saddlebag..:: umm..I'm kinda hungry xena..cant remember the last time we ate..
 Xena WP [8:16 PM]:  Okay..::she grabbed the snake and the fish...looking the snake over..seeing it was pratically alive..she grinned softly::..Gabrielle? ::as soon as the bard turned to her..she threw the snake at her...of course..the snake wasnt at all poisionus..or even was a simple ..large an overgrown green snake::
 Frekle5 [8:18 PM]:  ::The bard yet out a yelp as she looked round at the warriors call..finding the snake thrown at her..writhing and wriggling, she flapped and grabbed its warm smooth body..flinging it back at the warrior with a shudder of disgust ..he wiped her hands down her skirt...::ughhh..!!!!..
 Xena WP [8:19 PM]:  ::she snickered quietly as she single handedly caught the snake..while it was still wriggling..she set it down on the grass and used her  chakram to hack its head off and toss it into the fire::
 Frekle5 [8:20 PM]:  :::gab peeked through her fingers as xena lopped off the snakes head..she shuddered..::eww..thats so..totally gross xena..
 Xena WP [8:23 PM]:  ::she smirked and tilted her chakram to the side.. and skinned the snake..chopping the meat into little cubes..she tossed it into the pan..and did the same with the fish..instead it was fillet instead of cubed...her face was a pale color..instead of its usual bronze..and in the dark..against the fire..she looked almost vampiriac..:: There...cook it.... I think I brought some wine alone..did I?
 Frekle5 [8:27 PM]:  ::the bard scrabbled through the saddlebag..finding a skin of red wine, she brandished it triumphantly and moved back to the fire..handing it over to the warrior..she blinked softly at the pale tinge to xena's face..::by the gods, look like Tartarous !!
 Xena WP [8:29 PM]:  Why..thank you..::She blinked...but she was much more awake now..she took the red wine and set it aside, taking the pan, she set it over the fire..shaking the pan every now and then::.. do we have some parsley...garlic..and sage?..or  did I forget to steal that too?
 Frekle5 [8:31 PM]:  ::Gab chuckled..smirked..::you're welcome..but seriously look pale..::she sat down on the bedroll and took the saddlebag on her lap..putting her head in to have a good look, she pulled out the packets of parsley..garlic..sage..a few other herbs and spices..tossing them to the warrior..she finally pulled her blonde head free and grinned..::nope..I think you managed to steal most everything xena
 Xena WP [8:34 PM]:  ::she caught the packets and opened them..adding a sprinkle of this..that..and a wallop of garlic...sizzling sounds came from the pan::..did that for a reason...::She smirked and set the pan down on the grass to let it cook..she poked at a cubed piece of snake:: i think its ready
 Frekle5 [8:35 PM]:  ::The bard had her nose in the air..eyes closed..sniffing the aroma drifting from the cooking meat with obvious smells wonderful xena..
 Xena WP [8:38 PM]: it..dont sniff it...::she grinned and put  some snake cubes over a fillet of fish and rolled it up...bringing it up to her mouth..she took a little  bite and chewed thoughtfully::
 Frekle5 [8:40 PM]:  ::she grinned back..pulling out the hunk of nutbread and breaking off a chunk, she picked out a little fish and wrapped the bread around it to make a sandwich..then popped it into her mouth and chewed slowly..::hmmm
 Xena WP [8:43 PM]:  ::popping the entire thing in her mouth..she chewed a few more times and swallowed...sucking her fingertips loudly..she took a sip from the bottle of red wine:: I can sleep.
 Frekle5 [8:44 PM]:  hmm...good..go right ahead xena..I'll just have..hmm..maybe a little bit more..::she grinned at the warrior over the fire and picked a cube of snake meat out..::
 Xena WP [8:47 PM]:  ::She sucked her fingers again while she took off her armor and weapons..setting them in a nearby bush..she leaned back and kicked off her boots..laying back..she zipped theside of her skirt and kicked it off as wasnt only her face that was was every inch of her body..she arched her breasts up and slid off the straps to take off her shirt...and she grabed the fur blanket to slip inside..her body seemed to embrace the warmth of the fur..she curled up and rested her head ontop of her curled  
 Xena WP [8:47 PM]:  arm::  
 Frekle5 [8:49 PM]:  ::Gabrielle glanced over..the warriors skin seemed to almost glow it was so pale..her eyebrows furrowed together in thought as she chewed solidly..taking a sip of the red wine to wash the meal down..she sat cross legged in front of the fire..poking the embers with a stick every now and then to make the flames dance and twirl..::
 Xena WP [8:50 PM]:  ::finally..she closed her eyes after watching the bard for a while..her head tucked under the blanket and she seemed to disappear under it....the wind blowing lightly amongst the trees::
 Frekle5 [8:52 PM]:  :::the bard sat gazing peacefully into the flames ..the wind starting to stir her soft blonde hair as it blew lightly..finally she licked her fingers clean..let out a soft satisfied sigh and patted her full belly with a snicker..before all but crawling over to the warrior and lifting the blanket carefully to slip under with her..::
 Xena WP [8:55 PM]:  ::the warrior felt the blanket move..she only opened her eyes in the darkness..and moved closer into the bard..wherever she front..or in the back::
 Frekle5 [8:56 PM]:  ::;she snuggled up to the warriors back..her arm slipping round her waist to pull her closer...gently spooning her back..warm breath caressing the back of her neck...::
 Xena WP [8:59 PM]:  ::her legs moved from their curled position and straightened out...looking into the darkness..the warrior realized this was the only time theyve truely been what seems like years...::  
 Frekle5 [9:01 PM]:  ::gab hooked her leg around the warriors..turned slightly onto her back..she wasnt sleeping, but watching the stars glittering in the sky..her fingertips gently playing around xena's navel as they lay beneath the fur blanket ::
 Xena WP [9:02 PM]:  ::her eyes closed..finally..and her chest rose and fell if she was about to drift off to sleep..she was just relaxed...her ears alert..however..listening to the night sounds::
 Frekle5 [9:04 PM]:  ::the bard turned into her once more..sighing sofly..relaxed..full and sleepy..her lips brushed the warriors dark hair and hr breasts started to rise and fall steadily..her breathing evening out as her eyes fluttered shut..::
 Xena WP [9:05 PM]:  (fwd? lol )
 Frekle5 [9:05 PM]:  <lol..yup..>
 Xena WP [9:07 PM]:  ::dawn came..and passed...the sun was nearly high in the the warrior finally opened her eyes..squinting and yanking her head the process her head slammed against the bards...which made the warrior grimace and turn quickly to to the bard::
 Frekle5 [9:09 PM]:  ::the bard grunted loudly as she was rocked rudely awake by the back of the warriors head smacking into her brow..she blinked rapidly..sleepily and rubbed her head..::uhhh..wha ??...what was that for ??
 Xena WP [9:10 PM]:  ::she chuckled and rested her forehead on the bedroll..her free hand rubbing the back of her head::
 Frekle5 [9:11 PM]:  ::the bard finally chuckled and reached over to rub the back of the warriors head lightly..leaning over her to kiss her earlobe..::hmm..I forgive ya..g'morning xena
 Xena WP [9:12 PM]:  Morning..::she chuckled again..and blinked her eyes it sill morning?
 Frekle5 [9:13 PM]:  ::she squinted up at the sky..watching the sun rise high in the sky..::umm..nope..judging by the sun, we slept through morning and breakfast..
 Xena WP [9:14 PM]:  ..ah..who cares?..::she shifted and rested her head on the bard's soft breast..wrapping an arm around her::
 Frekle5 [9:16 PM]:  ::the bard grinned softly..snuggled back down..her fingers running lightly through the warriors dark hair as her head resting on the swell of her breast..:: yea..theres nothing spoiling..and dont it feel great ? kingdom to is good
 Xena WP [9:19 PM]:  Mm..::she kept silent..warm breath washing over her skin as she breathed::.. I suppose
 Frekle5 [9:20 PM]:  ::gabrielle wrapped an arm around the warrior...holding her close as her fingers ran gently through her dark hair..warm breath washing over her hardening nipple..::
 Xena WP [9:22 PM]:  first time we've been alone in a while..hmm?..::she grinned and opened her eyes::
 Frekle5 [9:22 PM]:  ::the bard grinned back at eyes dancing as she smirked softly..::hmm..totally alone..yea
 Xena WP [9:23 PM]:  Hmm..and we have no clue what to do...
 Frekle5 [9:24 PM]:  ohh..I have a few clues..::she blinked innocently..her hand creeping down under the blanket to pinch the warriors firm butt..::
 Xena WP [9:24 PM]:  ::she squirmed a bit::..pinch me?..thats nice...
 Frekle5 [9:25 PM]:  not quite..::she leaned forward and nibbled her way gently up the side of the warriors neck..::
 Xena WP [9:26 PM]:  ::she squirmed away from the bard::..ahh..::quit...
 Frekle5 [9:28 PM]:  ::the bard blinked..hesitated..then sat up and slid out from under the blanket..standing to stretch, she muttered..::I'm gonna take a dip in the stream..::
 Xena WP [9:28 PM]:  Alright.. I'll be here..::she closed her eyes again;:
 Frekle5 [9:30 PM]:  ok..::gabrielle turned to look at her..held back a soft sigh as she saw the warriors eyes drift shut once more and set off down to the stream..::
 Xena WP [9:32 PM]:  ::she laid on her back then and stretched backwards..opening her eyes just in time to see the bard walk away..she chuckled softly and slid her hands under her head ..looking upwards::
 Frekle5 [9:33 PM]:  ::the bard grumbled quietly to herself as she picked her way through the bushes..catching sight of the stream glittering through the trees ...the sun shimmering on the crystal clear water..::
 Xena WP [9:34 PM]:  ::she chuckled again and lifted her head to call out to the bard::..dont be all pissed off just because im not in the mood!
 Frekle5 [9:36 PM]:  ::The bard grumbled..::aww, shaddap...who says I was in the mood anyway..:: her voice carrying on the slight breeze..she arrived at the side of the stream and unlaced her shirt..stripping off completely..piling her clothes on the grass as she dived into the icy cold water..::
 Xena WP [9:37 PM]:  ::she smirked::..says the one that was grumbling..::She rubbed the side of her neck and just laid there..looking around..meanwhile..she put on her leather..waiting for the bard to return::
 Frekle5 [9:43 PM]:  ::The bard stroked strongly through the water..before surfacing..water slicking her glistening wet blonde hair back as she tilted her face up...::
 Xena WP [9:46 PM]:  ::she hummd quietly and looked at the rabbit and deer that were nearby...raising a hand..she pointed her palm at the dead animals and let a ray slid into the animals and  almost as if she was skinning then..they came apart..bones ripped..the natural process..soon they were in packages..both the rabbit and the deer...large packages near the food saddle bag::
 Frekle5 [9:47 PM]:  ::gabrielle turned onto her back..enjoying the warmth of the sun on her drip