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What I would do with 10 million dollars

1. Give 200,000 to my parents to get out of debt, so they wouldnt have to sell their blazer and lose the house.

2. Buy/Build a house or apartment building for people with disablities, that would allow dogs and cats.

3. Donate 50,000 to ARF, a local pet shelter.

4. Buy the vacant land next to our house and add onto the yard, replacing the fence.

5. Go to the places I've always wanted to go, England, Auckland- Nz, Athens and Lesbos Greece.

6. Donate 100,000 to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

7. Buy all the Xena Seasons 1-6 DVDs

8.  Try to get the remaining 3 Xena dolls I'm missing.

9. Add a bedroom to the first floor of this house so dad would have a bedroom of his own without having to drag himself up the stairs.

10.   Go to all the Packers Games, with really good seats.

11. Donate some money to the Republican Fund.