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December 19, 2002
2:42 AM

Well, well Well.. Im still up..wide awake.. I think its because of all the cookies me and my mother made for her buddies...7 layer bars, fudge bars, peanut blossoms, mexican wedding cakes...oy...not to forget the classic spritz about all that sugar, damn. Course my sister helped this time..but not much, she was glued to watching "Army of Darkness" with Bruce Campbell and Ted Rami in it.. they two are good actors...see them in a lot of movies or episodes of whatever..too bad Xena is over..Im pretty sure Bruce Campbell wouldve been in the shows a lot more often..  bet you're thinking that its a weird picture I have up there..really..its from a Xena episode... Ima not kidding... its called ..damn I forgot...but i knew i saw half of it  and its hilarious..that woman is a xena twin..Meg, and she was dancing in a fake cake for Ares balechor party...he was supposingly married to Xena...very very weird episode :).. I dont believe Lucy Lawless is that really tan..or skinny..damn. The thing that people say..."the camera puts on 10 pounds" is bullshit..because..well look at that picture..if she put on 10 pounds in the pic..what is she in real life?...a skelenton? .. OY!

Got a new bandana today..for $1. hehe nice...(Dont ask me about my sudden intrest with them...just happened :) )

3:42 AM :
Pogo Points Update: 85,335
(Pogo is this really awesome website where you can play lots of games, and get points for everything..I prefer Word Riot and Turbo 21, poppit is okay too... Im always tryin the slots..the site is....

1:45 PM
Pogo Points Update

4:05 PM
I got my shipment of barbie doll stands today :) so I took all my non collectibles out of their boxes and gave them the thrill of standing...yet not on their own ;)...and my long boxless Gabrielle doll from Bitter Suite finally got a stand :) ...well I have two, one is isnt :) Some turd on the net send me the doll without the box.

Dec 20, 2002
4:55 PM

11 more days to the new year...would always take me a while to get used to 2003, every year..takes me ..2..3 months to adapt..oy...if i cant adapt to the the heck am I gunna adapt to being 20? O.O

Pogo Point Update:
6:23 PM

December 21, 2002
How come a woman that dresses like a man is called a tomboy, but when a man dresses like a woman..hes called a cross dresser..or a drag Queen? of the things that confuses me..but you know..I get confused easy...

Pogo Point Update:
2:31 AM

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December 22, 2002

9:55 PM
Pogo Point Update

December 24, 2002
Well Well..Merry Christmas Everybody!

December 28, 2002

3 more days to new years eve and im trying to come up with some new years resolutions..but what...hmmm... i usually dont make resoultions, they come to me ;) I can think of a several not eating meat, no soda after dinner...that stuff..and goingto church..I gotta start doing that :)

January 2nd, 2003
Damn its 2003 already..and I dont feel a tad different, except that Im gunna be a year older in less then 3 weeks, I dont think we're going to do anything for my birthday...20th birthday, pffth... no one cares, sure... I'll be 20 on the

Pogo Point Update
213, 380

January 7, 2003
7:52 AM

.... I..had but the strangest dream... its so fresh in my mind. I went to a little shopping...and I came across to Lucy Lawless, she had regular clothes on...beautiful as ever, somehow...we talk, my dad talks to her and invites her over to dinner, mom was making beef stew, oddly enough.. Lucy agreed to come.. as we entered my kitchen, I asked her if she had to check her email, she said "yes", so I took her upstairs into my room...which is xena-packed...She went onto my computer and tried to get online..Of course, I signed on my XenaWP screen name, after she chcked her email... I explained that I regularly had more xena stuf than that because most of them broke..she pulled out a 20 dollar bill, and I refused to take it..she looked hurt...after a bit of talking...I agreed to take it..but only to buy a Xena thing.  She laid back on my bed and kept looking around the room. I confessed to her that I couldnt watch the show after the last was too..painful, knwoing that the bard..and the warrior...were seperated, forever.... She nodded...and understood, giving me a knowing glance, she told me, that she had moved on from there, to play, what she always wanted, she never thought she'd be a hero someday.... Then explained to simple my life was, she would love to come and stay in my room for a night...with her husband.... now..I found that really odd, but it made me think...she has millions..she lives in a manison...probably has life..being really her life before fame... mom walked into the room with three roses, handing them to Lucy, Lucy gave one to me...and my mother, then she reached over and tapped our roses with hers, and looked at me.... It was...amazing... Then she joked about how my room is... "Well, your bed is made..and...well..its made"..pointing out that my room was rather messy. I dont remember if I laughed...because I woke up in tears..and am still crying... This may be the biggest changing point in my life, that dream really taught me to appreciate what I have, thank you... Lucy....despite the fact Xena's over... you're still a hero...

10:26 am
I know some of you are probably thinking..."aw, barb..get it over with"...or ..."grow up already"... well... I think Im ready.

11:26 am
Naw...Im not ready... It's a little too difficult. I role play Xena... with the best Gabrielle role player I've ever met, we've had storylines..and boy..we've had storylines... its unforgettable...  its hard to forget... well.. I dont want to forget, but its hard to move onto something new... I dont watch tv anymore, nothing worth watching, I have no inspiration to write..for Xena was my inspiration, this just..really sucks. I have fallen head over heels for this girl...but shes not even remotely intrested in me. That should be inspiration, despressing poems. Tch, Im not that gothic...but I'll give it a try...of course I didnt write this today... just a poem I found on how I feel.

And love is devestation
stripp'd to the core   
it is blissful misery
too close to be so far  

You're only there when I    
close my eyes and dream  
feel my soul is drained  
storm clouds in my heart

love letters written
in the sands of time
Wash away in the Tide
leaving nothing behind

The sound of  loneliness
Is all you can hear
never to have your love
is how cruel fate can be

People say as time goes by
that you'll learn to forget
But I know the truth to be a lie
And only a fool cannot see it

Dressed in blue silver dust
reached out to the open sky
then float around on a dream cloud
tears like sun-filled rainbows

The acrobat alone in the air
who you treat like a clown
If love is really the answer
then where is the answer at

As Innocent eyes turn colder
in the darkess of the world
exhaled into a ring of smoke
the ash blowing of oblivion

Jan 8, 2002


Well..bah...another day..another dollar. Ha..not really... Since I slept from 10:30 pm 2 nights ago..til 7:45 am...went back to bed at noon and slept til dinner time........thats the most eventful day I've had ina while. I want to start a Xena web page..but Im finding it a little difficult...ive done just about everything... picture gallary..episode guide, quote land.... I guess the next thing I could do now is make fake pictures, have you ever seen those nude pictures online...fake ones? lol granted..I wont make fake nudes...but I could try something.

Jan 9, 2003
Saw Xena an hour ago...i mean..I watched her on tv. An episode in season three i reckon..forgot the name of the ep..but it was very inspirtational... all xena eps are for some reason...but then..I only saw the last half of it, was doing some roleplaying, then came across Xena...

Jan 13, 2003

About FUCKING time! Lucy Lawless herself announced that there will be a xena movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how long I've anticipated this moment..Im SOOOO gunna cry!  I got the news from Tom's Xena Page..

It clearly states:
Lucy Lawless (Xena herself) confirmed the other day on a NZ radio station (91ZM) that a Xena Warrior Princess movie is planned. With a set budget of $50-60 Million (US) and the possibilty of a few big names joining the cast Universal is treating this film as a major Blockbuster.


Watched Xena Today.... saw uhm..Warrior, Priestess, Tramp and The Debt part 1..... I dont like the Debt part 1 or 2..its too despressing...imagine..the bard betraying the warrior princess...she had the gall to go to Chin and tell Ming Tein about Xena returning to prevent a murder...damn Gabrielle.
Xena when she got caught trying to murder Ming Tein, she found Gabrielle in Ming's bed chambers...I'd have that expression too!