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The Bitter Suite
Consumed by anger and hate, Xena and Gabrielle are determined to destroy one another. Plunged into a world of song and dance, known only as Illusia, they are forced to confront their inner demons and each other.
Ares: "Nice vocal, but you can't dance to it. I feel you pain, okay, but how much longer before you do something about it?"
Xena: "My son is dead, you soulless bastard. What can I do about that?"
Ares: "Just goes to prove what I've been telling you all along, no good deed goes unpunished ... saving people ... defending the weak ... trusting someone who betrayed you."
Xena: "Gabrielle."
Ares: "This whole atonement kick you've been on lately, it's not you. You're full of fire, bending the world to your will, full of rage and revenge. Accept it, Xena, embrace it. You know what to do...who to kill."


Gabrielle: "You're not real. You're in my mind."
Callisto: "What difference does it make? You came here for the truth, and the truth is that Xena make us both. She shaped our lives, changed our fates, killed our families."
Gabrielle: "No, I killed hers. Solan died because of my daughter."
Callisto: "Because of Xena you had a daughter. Her hatred for Caesar took you to Britannia..."
Gabrielle: "Yes, but ..."
Callisto: "Straight to Dahak where she deserted you. Isn't that right? Isn't that right?"
Gabrielle: "Yes."
Callisto: "And you hate her for it, don't you ... for betraying you ... for failing you ... don't you ... don't you ... don't you?!"
Gabrielle: "Yes!"
Xena kidnaps Gabrielle from the amazon village, slaughters a few amazons and ties gabrielle to the horse, proceeding through a forest, a few tents, and even a campfire, she dragged Gabrielle to a cliff and was about to throw her off the cliff.
Xena: "Vengeance!"
But Gabrielle awoke and fell out of the warrior's hands, tumbling away.

Gabrielle: "I hate you!"


Callisto: "Absorb thyself in this great sea of the waters of life. Dive deep in it until thou hath got lost in it, and having lost thyself, then thou shalt find thyself again. Even as it is written, she had her dwelling in the great sea, as in a fish, therein.

Callisto: "Holyph am I, for mine unfathomable will the universe hath its beginning. In my boundless wisdom are the types and patterns of all things."

Callisto: "Glad that you're feeling strong, thought I might lose ya. Don't be sad, sing a song ... this is Illusia."

Callisto: "Xena be warned, Xena beware
By closing you eyes you can see what isn't there.
Xena be calm, open your eyes
Lies may be truth and truth may be lies."
Xena: "Alright Callisto, cut the song and dance. What's going on? Where are we?"

Callisto: "Fate is a wheel, it will reveal
All you've become, all that you feel.
Destiny knows what has to be.
You'll pay the price, nothing is free.
I'll be you guide, take the hand of your muse
You just might lose your way in the land of Illusia.
Illusia is music, a world built on rhyme.
It's carved out of space in the absence of time.
You've tasted how evil and good coexist,
The bitter and sweet of it ..."
White Dog: "All in the lips that you kissed."
Callisto: "Lion and bull, eagle and snake,
To live or die
It's the choice you've got to make.
Can you undo what you create?
Step through the wheel.
Follow your fate."
Chorus of Animals:
"The fates have a fix on you,
We can play tricks on you,
We deal in truths you're too troubled to face,
Gamble the worth of you,
on the rebirth of you,
 Don't turn away, don't start to fade.
What's still unwritten ... You can erase."

Callisto: "You're villainous infamy tortures your soul. Descent into evil must levy its toll. The darkness that rots you has brought you to this."
Snake: "Surrender serenity, suffer sweet misery, Sin seeks its cursed abyss."
Anubis: "Oh Xena, with death there is always rebirth."
Sphinx: "Come see with a vision denied you on Earth."
Callisto: "Illusia is waiting -- we'll show you the way, But all consequences are your own creation And there's a price you must pay."

Callisto and Chorus of Animals: "The fates have a fix on you. We can play tricks on you. We deal in truths you're too troubled to face, Gamble the worth of you, on the rebirth of you. Don't turn away, don't start to fade ..."
Callisto: "What's still unwritten you can erase."
Chorus of Animals: "Illusia is music, a world built on rhyme, It's carved out of space in the absence of ..."
Xena: "Alright Callisto, you like little ditties? Fine, I got one for you: you're acting so strangely that I hardly know ya, but still I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw ya."
Callisto: "You're wrong not to trust one that knows you so well. I never betrayed you, that was Gabrielle."
Xena: "Gabrielle. Is she here? The one who betrayed me, is she in this land?"
Callisto: "I'm merely your guide, dear, along for a grin. You'll get no free ride here. If you want to know more, then spin."


Callisto: "Changeless, this great deep of elemental water remaineth forever pure. Because of this, it possesseth the quality of stability. From water do all things have their beginning."

Gabrielle: "The Elysian Fields ... only heroes wind up here ... dead heroes ... dead, naked heroes."

Joxer: "Joxer, the Mighty: master of geography
Here to guide you on your way.
Stick with me you'll never stray.
If you're in a land that's new
I'm the man who'll get you through,
Even when you're slightly nude.
I'm Joxer! Joxer the Mighty!"

Gabrielle: "So much for the Elysian Fields theory."
Joxer: "Yeah."
Gabrielle: "Ah! How did you ... Joxer, go away. Can't you see that I'm naked?!"
Joxer: "I thought maybe I could help you out ... being naked won't excuse you. Sing to talk in Illusia."


Warriors: "Praise the winds of chance that blew
Xena back where friends are true.
We would fight to death for you, brave Xena.
When your mighty chakram arcs
Throwing fierce magnetic sparks
No one ever hits her mark like Xena.
Famed for prowess with a sword,
Who's as feared and as adored,
You've not lived ‘till you've been gored by Xena."

Warrior #1: "You're the Warrior Princess who's as strong as an oak." Warrior #2: "You've got eyes that can tear out the heart of a bloke." Warrior #3: "With one look you can wilt a flower,"
Warrior #4: "Curdle milk or make men cower."
Warriors: "Welcome home, Xena, welcome home."

Xena: "Ares. I thought as much. But why the big production number? What's the point?"

Ares: "You are the most divine, delicious warrior. A man can't help saluting your return. And if you start my heart ... It's just the way you slash and burn. Bewitching woman, straining at the armor plate You singe me with the ardor you inflame And in my carnal heart there's not a sorry shred of shame."
Warriors: "You and me love war. Doesn't matter what it's for. Pandemonium reins and we're bludgeoning brains. Give us War, War, War. Keep it down to a roar."
Warrior #5: "Words of wisdom Ares said,"
Ares: "When in battle keep your head."

Warriors: "Warriors love War, War, War."
Gabrielle: "I know this place ... these people ... that shop ... I'm home ... this is Poteidia."
Villagers: "O'er the Bridge of Tears She's crossed and she's paid a fearful cost. Her blood innocent is lost, Gabrielle. Now the past has set her free And she's traveled home to be With her old friends you and me, Gabrielle."
Villager #1: "You've been plucked out from the heart of our lives for so long."
Villager #2: "Now we're grateful you've come back to the place you belong."
Villager #3: "For what ails the panacea,"
Villager #4: "Surely waits in Poteidia."
Villagers: "Welcome home, Gabrielle, welcome home."

Gabrielle: "Lila ... sister ... I can't believe it."
Lila: "Villains, fools and kings have made their mark on you. Leave their easy evil in the dust. If your child had lived, we'd surely make her welcome, too."
Villagers: "You and me love peace, With the goats and ducks and geese. While the hours away baking bread, pitching hay. We love peace, peace, peace, simply joys that never cease."
Villager #1: "Nothing changes but the time." Group of Villagers: "We don't even change our mind."

Villagers: Villagers love Peace, Peace, Peace."

Ares: "Pulverizing foes requires strategy. There's no mortal born who meets your skill. Xena join my vision -- don't deny your destiny." Warriors: "You and me love war, Doesn't matter what it's for."
Warrior #6: "Chop the tree down, burn the root."
Ares: "Vengeance can be such a hoot."
Warriors: "Warriors love War, War, War."

Lila: "Xena was no friend, she work to twist your mind, Though you tried to change her deadly ways. Take this scythe -- it's just a case of killing to be kind."
Villagers: "You and me love peace, With the goats and ducks and geese." Lila: "Sit and watch the world go by."
Villager Couple: "Vegetate until you die."
Villagers: Villagers love Peace, Peace, Peace."
Warriors: "We ... Love ... War"
Villagers: "Peace is such a lovely state ... War can kill you so can hate." Warriors: "Fear! Lies! Smite and smote and pulverize."
Villagers: "Here the simple life's a delight."
Warriors: "Pus And Gore."
Villagers: "Just you put your hand in mine, Sure your future's on the line." Warriors: "You've a son you must avenge, Know you must extract revenge."
Villagers: "You must know that when ..."
Warriors: "Don't be put aside by beauty, Xena you must do your duty." Villagers: "Hope died she freed you." Villagers: "Peace!" Warriors: "War!" Villagers: "Peace!" Warriors: "War!"


Ares: "You're lost and confused but I understand, This once beloved friend has been slain by your hand. You feel alone, betrayed and adrift. But maybe her loss can be viewed as a gift.

Now I'll be your rock, your strength and support, You're close confidant with whom you can consort. I know you completely. Come melt into me. Unleash the power of your destiny.
You've proved to yourself now that you've made the kill That you're just like me With as evil a will. Our forces are meant to be merged into one. The world will be panicked when our work is done.

Let the music of war, with its lust for refrain Arouse us to heights with a passionate strain.
Imagine how awesome together we'd be. So feel what I'm feeling. Come melt into me."

Callisto: "Did that fill you glee To kill your little friend. Did that ease your suffering Or bring it to an end. Let go ... All of your anger will poison you yet, Unless you can just -- let go."

Ares: "Nothing more need be said. Ding, dong, the bitch is dead."

Xena: "I killed Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "You killed me. By the gods, Xena, you killed me. I knew you were trying before, Xena, but I ..."
Xena: "No ... no ... I didn't ... none of this is real ... Ares and Callisto ... Joxer ... I didn't kill you, I killed an illusion."
Gabrielle: "Is that supposed to make me feel better?"
Gabrielle: "What is that?"
Xena: "Us. Somehow, it's all about us. Everything about this Illusia place has been bright and cheery, the music, the colors. But, this place is dark. It's meant to scare us."
Gabrielle: "What if you're wrong?"
Xena: "You got any better ideas?"
Gabrielle: "You're asking me? Well, that's a first. You know, ever since we've met you've always made the decisions."
Xena: "That's because you take so long to reach one, always weighing the pro's and con's ... con's ... con's ... con's ... con's ..."
Gabrielle: "What's causing that?"
Xena: "We are ...or, I should say, you are."
Gabrielle: "There you go again, always blaming me for everything. Xena, why is it never your fault?"
Xena: "It's the past. Every time we accuse each other about the past the echoes start and we can't hear one another."
Gabrielle: "Well, how do we stop it?"
Xena: "Tell me how you feel, nothing about the past, right now."
Gabrielle: "I hurt inside! Don't you?"


Xena: "My heart is hurting beyond words. The pain is tearing up my soul. These days have seen my spirit die, My life propelled out of control. My wounds lie naked to the world, My depth of suffering exposed. This damaged past can never heal Until this nightmare book is closed."
Gabrielle: "My heart is hurting beyond words. The pain is tearing up my soul. Please tell me how can I retrieve The life that all this sadness stole. Because of you this happened, Because you had to carry out your vengeful little plans."
Xena: "It's you who should feel guilty. Because of you my child is dead, His blood is on your hands."
Gabrielle: "If only you had never brought me there."
Xena: "If only you had done what you were told."
Gabrielle: "It's you who's to be blamed."
Xena: "And you should be ashamed."
Gabrielle: "It's your fault."
Xena: "No it's yours."
Gabrielle: "How could you."
Xena: "How could you."

Gabrielle: "Blood ... no ... not here ... it's Dahak ... this is where it started ... I can't ... I can't ..."
Xena: "No, Gabrielle ... look, Gabrielle think, everything about this world is a torment. We've been guided through it for a reason. Whatever happens, we have to go through it together.
"It begins very small,
seems like nothing much at all.
Just a germ, just a speck, just a grain.
but the seed has been sown
and before you know it's grown.
It has spread through your life like stain
And its power will strangle your love and joy
and its hunger consumes for it lives to destroy.
Hate is the star; it becomes who you are.
Not the hated, but the hater has a torment that's greater.
It will eat you alive, consume you and spit you out.
Hate's gonna win that there's no doubt about.
Hate doesn't care who you are -- Hate is the Star!
Learning hate is an art, even people who are smart
can be caught, can be crushed, can be creamed.
Hate has swallowed you whole.
Did you think you're in control?
Hate you thought, hate you spoke, hate you dreamed.
All your hate gave me substance, your lives are undone.
It's your eve of destruction, your hatred has won!"
Xena: "I never dreamed that we'd be distanced by a hate, that all the trust we had would go." Gabrielle: "How could I hate you?" Xena: "How could it come to pass, This awful twist of fate?" Gabrielle: "How could I hurt you?" Xena: "This madness can't be so." Gabrielle: "I can't believe it." Xena: "I never dreamed that any barriers could rise." Gabrielle: "Or that I'd ever see the stranger in your eyes." Xena: "Our hearts were hurting both the same." Gabrielle: "The hurt was tearing up our souls." Xena: "The fury in us made us blind." Gabrielle: "We could not see beyond the pain." Xena: "If we can turn again to love," Gabrielle: "If we can heal these open wounds," Xena: "We'll leave this hatred far behind," Gabrielle: "So not a trace of hate remains." Both: "We'll overcome our damaged past, And we'll grow stronger side by side To stand together through the storms. We're safe cause love will be our guide."

Gabrielle: "Solan? It was him."
Xena: "Solan."
Gabrielle: "He's why we're here. It's the way out. It's got to be. He's here to lead us home. C'mon! Xena, quick!"
Xena: "I can't."
Gabrielle: "Of course you can."
Xena: "It's no use, Gabrielle. It's Ming T'ien. I killed him. I killed you, you bastard!"
Gabrielle: "You lied? You gave me your word. You lied."
Xena: "Yes I lied.
Thought I could protect you from the truth,
Deliver you from evil,
Spare your innocence and youth.
That I could simply will it
Was the real untruth.
I was wrong.
I wore a mask to cover my deceit.
But underneath it all I couldn't keep away my doubt.
Now I'm left with a mask
And one question left to ask,
I'm sorry, please help me, forgive me,
Don't hate me, don't leave me, forgive me.
Forgive me my debt as only you could.
Forgive me the hate,
Replace evil with good.
Forgive me and find out that you will be able
to forgive yourself too.
My dear Solan,
I never told you that you were my son.
I didn't know the days we had left were so few.
If I only knew I'd have been with you.
I'm so sorry
I couldn't be the mother you deserved
And I regret that I missed your first step, your first word
That I never heard -- now it seems absurd.
Can you forgive me?
Open up your heart and let me in
No matter if the fates against us turn
There's one thing through all of this I've learned
That what I need from you is to ...
Forgive me, I'm sorry, believe me,
Stop hating, stop hurting, forgive me.
Forgive those who harm you,
Do good for those who hate.
Forgive, if not forget,
I know it's not too late.
Forgive me and you'll discover too
That the love of your love is you."

Solan: "Mother?"
Gabrielle: "Solan ... (to Xena) Go on."
Solan: "I love you, Mother."
Xena: "I love you, Solan. I'll always love you."

Gabrielle: "We're home."
Xena: "At last."