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Melt Into me

You're lost and confused,
But I understand.
This once beloved friend
Has been slain by your hand.

You feel all alone,
Betrayed and adrift.
But maybe her loss
Can be viewed as a gift.

Now I'll be your rock,
Your strength and support.
Your close confidant,
With whom you can consort.

I know you completely,
Come melt into me,
And unleash the power
Of your destiny.

You've proved to yourself
Now that you've made the kill.
That you're just like me,
With as evil a will.

Our forces are meant
To be merged into one,
The world will be panicked
When our work is done.

Let the music of war,
With its lustful refrain,
Arouse us to heights
With a passionate strain.

Imagine how awesome
Together we'd be.
So feel what I'm feeling,
Come melt into me.

Did that fill you with glee,
To kill your little friend?
Did that end your suffering,
Or bring it to an end?

Let go...
All of your anger will poison you yet,
Unless you can just let go.